Hon. Mano Ganesan
Minister of National Co-existence, Dialogue and Official Languages

Hon. Minister Mano Ganesan is an elected member of parliament in the Sri Lankan parliament. He represents the Colombo district, where city of Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka is situated.

Hon. Minister Mano Ganesan, Minister of National Co-existence, Dialogue and Official Languages, Leader of Democratic Peoples Front. & Leader of Tamil Progressive Alliance which is combination of Democratic Peoples Front, Up-Country people's Front, National Union of Workers parties. Hon. Minister is Chairman of Democratic Workers Congress, Special Minister for Sri Lankan Identity Sub Committee and Co-chairman of District Coordinating Committee.

Our Ministry is working for co-existence, religious tolerance, fostering inter – faith dialogue, language issues and Human Rights currently.

Democratic Peoples Front (DPF) is the youngest Tamil political party in Sri Lanka since it was established in year 2001. DPF is a party which has given leadership to over 500,000 Tamils living in the western belt of Sri Lanka. However DPF has lately (2006-2008) entered into the plantation political scene through it’s trade union DWC.

Democratic Workers Congress (DWC) is Sri Lanka’s TEA/Rubber plantation based Trade Union.  The membership is purely from recent Indian Origin Tamil (IOT) plantation worker community. DWC was established in year 1963 and is one of the pioneer plantations Trade Union originated from the Ceylon Indian Congress.

Civil Monitoring Commission (CMC) is the peoples based independent human rights campaign movement Monitoring involuntary Disappearances, Abductions, Extra Judicial Killings, Extortions and Arbitrary arrests and detentions in SRI LANKA. CMC was established on September/19/2006. Hon. Mano Ganesan is the core wire behind CMC activities as it’s Convener.

The state department of United States of America presented the Freedom Defender Runner-Up award in 2007 December. He conducts career in Sri Lanka’s all three Sinhala, Tamil and English languages. His party the, the Democratic Peoples Front (DPF) works with United National Party (UNP) headed by Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe.

Minister's Staff

Name Designation Phone Number Fax Number
Ms. Priyani Gunarathna Hon. Minister’s Private Secretary +94 112 883 715 +94 112 883 690
Mr. Udhayakumar Coordinating Secretary +94 112 883 693 +94 112 883 690
Mr. Kugavardhan Coordinating Secretary +94 112 883 692 +94 112 883 690
Mr. Suraj Alwis Media Secretary   +94 112 883 691
Mr. Rajendran PRO +94 112 883 716  

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