It is the duty of all public representatives to enhance the education level of the children of this country - Hon.Mano Ganesan, Minister of National Co-existence, Dialogue and Official Languages 

images/DSC_5291.JPGHon. Mano Ganesan, Minister of National Coexistence, Dialogue and Official Languages atresses that it is the duty of all public representatives to enhance the education level of the children of this country. In his speech he said that “I am of the view that, be it ministers or members of the parliament, this is their first duty. I am inclined to stress this fact here because I see future ministers, MPs, doctors, engineers as well as accountants among these children. Raising them to become such persons is the dream of their parents too. But at this moment, I would like to call on those who wish to become future ministers and MPs not to ever engage in stealing. I request the parents to advise their children on this. What I can say to the children bearing this wish is that they should make it a point to become a person like Mano Ganesan. I can only say so, because I am not fully aware of the characteristics of the other persons. My prime objective is to help the poor children as well as the middle class children. Secretary of our ministry and the ex-urban councillor Priyani Gunarathna have extended their fullest cooperation towards this cause. The children who receive these books should commit themselves to have a better education. That is what I expect from you”. Minister Mano Ganesan expressed these views, attending the event of distributing school text books to one thousand school children, held at the St.Antony’s Boys’ School premises, Wiwekanandakanda, Colombo-13.                               

the Minister speaking further............

DSC 5305In the future I will take steps to provide more and more school equipment. Making use of these books, if you fulfill my wish, then only I will deserve merits. By such times when these little ones reach the age of around 18 and will be casting their votes, I have no intention to contest in elections and I will retire from this field. Therefore, this is no effort to attract voters in my favour. Their parents can choose to vote for me or not to vote for me.

There is one bearded leftist politician in the Parliament, who has vowed to file a case against the matter related to Hambanthota. I call on Mr. Wasudeva Nanayakkara to please file a case. That is what we need too. By hard effort, towards the Hambanthota harbor, we managed to attract two, three ships that sail along the Silk Road. During the period of the past regime, the Magampura harbor was constructed. But no ships come there. It is like an airport without planes. However, without letting these resources to go to waste, our president and the prime minister had discussions with China. Through these discussions, we will enter in to a new agreement and make plans mutually beneficial to us as well as China, and thereby to get back the deposit paid in connection with the project. Some people are jealous of our effort. Who constructed this harbor?. It is the China Harbor Engineering Company. They estimated its cost at USD 750 millions that is around eleven thousand crores of Rupees. But our past regime has taken loans of around twenty on thousand crores of Rupees. Therefore, Mr. Wasudeva Nanayakkara! Kindly tell what is the balance after rupees eleven thousand crores is deducted from rupees twenty one thousand crores?. What happened to the balance ten thousand crores of Rupees?  

DSC 5320So, I would like to ask how many books can be bought with ten thousand crores of rupees ?. How many schools can be put up?. With such money, more building facilities can be added to schools, hospitals and roads can be built, employment opportunities can be created. People like Mr. Wasudeva Nanayakkara who associated with those who misappropriated ten thousand crores of rupees vow to file cases against now. I challenge them to do so, if they can. We are confident and we have no fear, as we have established the independence of the judiciary and the police now. Therefore, I would like to tell Mr. Wasudeva Nanayakkara and his associates not to take this government lightly. This government in which the President Maithreepala, Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe and Mano Ganesan are present is not a weak or an irresponsible government. We are a government committed to work. By the first week of January next year, it will be evident how capable we are. This moment, I will not rush to explain why I say so. We cannot be frightened by filing of court cases against us, staging of protests even at every junction or by poster campaigns against us. We will not quit because of such threats and we will continue till 2020 and even beyond that. Even for the next twenty years we cannot be toppled. By that time, Mr. Vasudeva Nanayakkara will find his beard turned white. Our government will not quit early.

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